No one in that situation is fine.

The Garden of Remembering is a repository of masks, dreams, memories, and lichen-encrusted frying pans. It is an archive, a recollection, a place where old fragments of ideas go to linger.

Let the memories never die.

The Dreamer has placed a Gallery here in the hopes of showing that there is more to her world than words, and that though we may paint words with pictures, the pictures too have meaning. What, however, is another question entirely.

You want words? You will find no lack of those in the Dreamer's Blog, but be they mad words or other words, they may still not tell you anything. Living in denial can have that effect.

A MediaWiki is a precious thing, and what it might contain all the more so. But as for why this is here, only the histories can tell. There are others, too, but they are even less easily explained.

The Madness is a list of words and strings of words gathered from various sources. If you recognise the string, then remember its origin fondly. If you do not, then see the words for what they are, and what all words are — mad words loosed across the world.

If you want to know about the Dreamer behind all this, this place will tell you more than you ever expected, but it doesn't sum up nicely. Lunatic comes to mind. Disorderly. Tofu. Madness of irreality reconfigured into an apron. One of many.

We're all just folk, trying to get by in a world larger than we are. She is afraid.